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The truth about the mods
Type Review
Game Cantr II
Submitted by cantrplayer
Created 2010-01-05 20:44:50
Ok, first of all, all the people supporting the mods of Cantr, are most likely the mods of Cantr.
The fact is, the players are often harassed for doing nothing. It has happend to about half of the population. As for the other half, they fall into the category of being over harassed for a minor offense.
The biggest problem is that the mods are players. One of my players killed some mod guys player, so then I logged on the next day to find my account locked for some bogus reason. When I was finally able to get back on (with the mod admitting he was "mistaken"), some other player had traveled to my town, broken locks going directly to the room I was in, and killed my character after saying many nasty things. I tried to report this in hopes that it was just one bad apple of thier staff, but my continous email were simply ignored.
Cantr is a great game that I suggest everybody should try out. Although what ruins the whole game is the mods.
The mods are the biggest cheaters themselves. And everybody else is powerless to stop them. Its very sad how they ruin the game.

Player 2011-12-08 04:48:25
Game mods -do- cheat BIG time. I've had a few of them even admit to me that they cheat. And they over-react to everything, putting you under RIDICULOUS and lengthy punishments for very small infractions. However, that being said, I do think the game is the best I've ever played. I've never managed to stay in a game as long as I have stayed in this one. Simply put, it is the best game I have ever played. If you can keep out of the mods' hairs, you won't regret playing it. The freedom and the stories are addicting.
The Red Commie 2010-05-01 06:53:27
But play cantr it is a blast just if the mods ever mail you dont mail back. And dont bother reporting a CRB they never do a thing about it. I lost a char because a radio message was sent out about some one I had locked up..Funny I was next to the only radio in the town and I checked the ships and cars and the van imagine that no radio anyplace and no one in town but me and the person i locked up. *sigh* It's still a good game.
The Red Commie 2010-05-01 06:51:40
They dont have one Rule by the way thats the main rule other rules you cant get a list. I have been told I am cheating I ask I broke no rules I was told the moderators Interprit the rules for me.

You all have dealt with my chars more then you think. I have robbed you and gotten away from you more times then you all would like to think about. Hell I pulled off the best heist in cantr and before being caught I gave most of it all away. But never did I once cheat but due to my actions in game I was banned and still am for life.

Why is this? The game it's self players put thousands of hours into a char and their life and when some one ruins it they get mad and take action but being the mods you can not complain to any one about it. Those who complain are said to have cheated and thats that.

I have been locked out and killed 7 times since 06. All for the same action. Stealing a ton of stuff and getting away.
marian 2010-02-13 23:15:50
And just as an addendum, what I personally see as the main thing that's 'ruining' Cantr (or at least making it a lot less fun) besides not having ENOUGH staff to work on new things and make sure they're balanced, are the handful of players that play nothing but serial killers, wiping out entire towns and characters people have spent years developing with their serial killer friends without even bothering to roleplay it.

Some of them I really suspect are coordinating outside the game...maybe this is why you were being investigated? I don't know, cantrplayer, I'm not accusing you of anything, just pointing out that it it's kind of hard to know anything for sure, about you or the context of those events or anything else when you post all those complaints and accusations under an anonymous name.
marian 2010-02-13 14:37:37
I think this is a little misleading, and no I am not a mod. Cantr has ONE rule, and yes they can be a little draconian and paranoid about enforcing it sometimes but to call them 'corrupt' and imply there's some big conspiracy against you is going a little overboard.

Maybe it's not really fair that the mods are also players, but can you point me to a single other game run by volunteers where they're NOT? I really can't see anybody devoting hundreds of hours of their free time working on a game they're not even allowed to play.

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