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Cantr is Corrupt.
Type Article
Game Cantr II
Submitted by cantrplayer
Created 2010-01-05 20:58:55
Please for all the players looking into the game. You need to know something. This is a great game. But the people who run the game are corrupt and at the very time that you get any sort of power or position in the game, they will do anything they can to destroy you. It is this reason that they are losing intrest in their game. It is very sad and without this the game would be near perfect. But this makes the game boarderline unplayable.

seko 2014-08-11 23:21:47
I'd like to point out that if someone breaks the rules, they will be caught eventually and the result is their account will be locked indefinitely. This leads into other people's characters feeding sleepers who will never wake up, and PD never announces someone has been banned, so you can only guess it might be the case when active characters suddenly fall inactive. I don't think that most cheaters think about the effect it has on other players and their characters. It's selfish to have two or more accounts, even if you weren't cooperating among your own characters, because all the players who obey the rules only get 15 characters at most, and will have to make choices which characters to kill off if they want new ones. But a cheater will juggle multiple accounts until they get busted, and this can lead into the friends of 30 or more characters suddenly losing someone they cared about. Of course in the best case scenario the cheater was just making things worse and people will be better off without their characters, but that's not always the case. The bottom line is don't create multiple accounts and if you're banned, don't try to come back because you will get caught anyway.
marian 2010-02-13 23:32:52
Voltenion, 'cantrplayer' whoever he is, apparently had a character killed while he was locked out of his account while being investigated about a character HE killed - he ranted about this in the 'review' section too.

Yeah, losing a character sucks, but I don't know how you get 'waaah! everyone running the game is corrupt and out to get me!' from that. I get the feeling his description of events was kind of one sided, though of course we'll never know because the PD don't discuss details of cases even to defend themselves. (I've always kind of suspected if they just straight up posted logs stating 'this is exactly what this moron did and how we found out' they wouldn't have to put up with nearly as much crap, but oh well, that's what they get for trying to stay professional.)

Luckily cantrplayer defends himself against any possible counter arguments by smugly stating that anyone who says the staff isn't conspiring to ruin the entire game "obviously must be a member of the staff themselves." (brilliant strategy there, cantrplayer!)

Well, I guess I am defending the staff and I'm definitely not one of them - anyone can go to the Cantr forums, look up my username and see. Who 'cantrplayer' really is is anyone's guess though.
voltenion 2010-01-30 22:30:57
Now there's a shocker. What did they do to you? No offense but I really doubt they even talked to you unless you broke the Capital Rule. In fact, cantr is so understaffed and it's so hard to hold the game, I really don't think they'd have time to take care and be corrupt.

Still, I want to hear what happened to you.
Onehempcat 2010-01-14 00:07:29
I agree, I was one of their first sets of characters there. You heard stories of my chars for SURE. And I quit for same reason like 4 years ago. me and about 30 others after they screwed me! lol

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