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SEI Rocks
Type Review
Game Solar Empires Infinium
Submitted by Reue
Created 2004-09-22 23:29:47
SEI has an amazing gaming community. The players are very helpful to new players. The admin team are activly on the web chat to talk to anyone requiring assistance and listen to the views of players.

Leo 2004-10-05 03:40:58
SEI is the most diverse and frequently updated web based game. This game is very addictive! With the support of the administrators, moderators, and helpfull players, you can't go wrong while playing this game. The best way to play this game is to talk to the veterans, make friends with new people and work along side others to utilize the best tactics and conquer your enemies! There are many 'clone' game types like this, but none compare to the strategy and balance of S.E.I. The ships, weapon selection, equipment, and various solar system occurances makes this game one of a kind. There are different galaxy's, which can be easily pointed out by 'Alpha' (which is for new players) and the game even offer different levels and very distinct game platforms, which you can play at the same time. I highly recomend this game to anyone who likes to utilize strategy, player interaction, variety, and competition. The admins provide rewards per round, tropies, etc. Again, I highly recomend this game. It is truely one of a kind!

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