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Lands of Hope Goes Mobile
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2010-09-11 10:58:47
Lands of Hope has gone mobile and there is now a version playable on a Cellphone, linked to the main games database so you can play your main characters (or make new ones) via your Mobile!!

Fitting all of the features and skills of the main game into a Mobile Phone version is harder than it sounds so certain aspects are currently not in the mobile edition.

However it does have:

*New Account Creation
*New Character Creation or Load an existing character (even one made in the full Web bersion)
*Free we at Forlorn Games will not charge anything to use it (Although you may incur data charges as part of your Cellphone data plan usage)
*Inventory Management
*Gathering Resources
*Interactable NPCs
*Trophy and Ordinary Quests
*Plan/Style/Spell Trainers
*Pets with limited management.
*A fully working Chat client - Chat on the move, chat on the bus, chat out in the wilderness!

In other words you can play LoH Mobile Edition no matter where you are as long as your cellphone has a data plan package.

The LoH Mobile Edition is also fully playable on PC, Mac via the major web browsers so anyone with a Netbook or Slate/Pad like computer might find this version fits better than the full featured version.

This is considered a BETA product, more features are being added daily at this time!

Check out on your Mobile and enjoy the game!


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