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Dice Stats and More!
Type News
Game Conquer Club
Submitted by conquerclub
Created 2011-06-14 16:38:50
Dice Stats

After too many weeks of development and too many scheduled maintenance windows, we finally got this monster finished!

You can now access your own dice stats from the Personal Menu and other players' dice stats from their profile. Dice stats contains analysis of both dice distribution (how many 1's, 2's 3's, etc. were rolled) and battle outcomes (kills and losses from 3 vs 2, 1 vs 1, etc.). It tracks both assaults that you initiate and assaults against you by other players. You can compare recent stats with your overall stats, and look at how you fared against specific opponents.

Hopefully making the dice more transparent will busts the myths about dice not being random

Finding Tournament Games

The huge tournament picklist in the Game Finder had to go. It make it very difficult to select a tournament and added hundreds of kilobytes to the page! Now you can type in any part of the tournament name to find matching games. We also added a handy [search tournaments] link that will take you to the Tournament Finder. On the Tournament Finder itself we added [find games] links to each match so you can get tournament games from that route as well.

Facebook & Twitter Widgets

The twitter widget was making headlines less visible so we moved it to the bottom of the Home page. This part of the Home page is also shared with a new facebook widget that shows who is a fan of our Facebook Page and what is going on there. Finally, we temporary added a "Like" button to the top of the website. Please take a moment to click the Like button, join our Facebook Page and follow our Twitter feed!


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