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SEI Ports Update
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Reue
Created 2004-10-10 18:52:27

(Taken from SEI announcements section)

Port Changes:

You may now dock safely on ports. If you are docked on a port you cannot be attacked directly or seen in the system you are in.

Docking on a Starport behaves exactly like docking on any planet does. If you are docked the "Star System" link will turn into Undock from port and the text above your ships will say "Ships docked at this port."

Ports may now be raided (just like any planet). And you will get a reward depending on how much traffic that port has had.

Ports grow at a lesser rate than Earth but will still grow regardless of their use. Earth itself's growth needs to be toned down a bit and I'll handle that next week.


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