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Forlorn Hope Online - Mid October Updates
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Decius
Created 2004-10-15 00:02:37
Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great community would like to announce several great additions.

Centaurian Masonry
A brand new Advanced Tradecrafting skill has been added to Forlorn Hope: Online.

The skill is initially only available to Centaurs but can be acquired through items and permanent effect items such as Potions or Tomes.

This new skill allows you to Craft clay and pottery items, as well as all of the normal Stone masonry items such as Forges and Kilns.

It also allows you to Enhance most kinds of stone items giving them up to 3 times the original effect.

A whole new series of Balanced weapons have also been added as well as clay bands that can be equipped by players, all of which are craftable.

Spell and Style Auction System
Earlier this month an Auction System was added to Forlorn Hope: Online, it has proven to be very popular amongst players and has let them sell a varied array of things from Riftblades to Unicorn pets.

In a great new addition to this system it is now possible to sell player crafted spells and styles through the Auction system.

This means Spell and Style crafters can now make a great income selling the product of their hard work.

Visit to signup to play the game.


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