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Future of Planetia
Type News
Game Planetia
Submitted by Prince
Created 2005-01-28 00:48:00
Greetings All,

I am writing to announce that a decision has been made to not start Round 11 after the end of the current round. We will no longer be hosting endurance rounds on the current code so that we may concentrate our efforts on getting the new code and new ideas/implentations to you more quickly. To do this we must cut down on the commitments inherent to running Planetia.

So what does this mean to you?

Firstly it will mean that there will be no endurance rounds for an undetermined period of time. Instead, we will be running a series of weekend speed competitions. More details on this will be announced in the near future. The offline period will also allow us to upgrade and improve our support systems and staff structures, allowing us to better serve you. During this down time, the forums shall remain online as will the IRC servers.

OK so whats next?

The reason we are doing this is to concentrate our efforts on a whole new Planetia currently in development. It will contain a lot of the things that we all love from the current version of Planetia, and a number of new exciting features including a new user environment, a large investment into community development, and added communication and recreational features for all players to utilise.

On a final note, please keep in mind that the game is currently run in our spare time, and no one is paid for the services they provide for it. I'd like to take this opputunity to thank all the people that have been involved in it over the years, and you, the community, for sticking with us.

I sincerely hope you understand the importance of this descision, and that you will all continue to support Planetia as we take a significant step forward to improve our service, community, and gaming experience.

Finally I will be doing a interview for the next newsletter on game development.

On Behalf of the Admin Team


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