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Serim Ral - Ancient Realms
Type News
Game General
Submitted by Justin Herbert
Created 2005-03-02 02:04:49
Following on from the massive success of their brand new PBM/PBeM game Ancient Realms, Incubus Designs have announced that they are now accepting start-ups for a second game. The original game of Ancient Realms filled in just 3 days and the second is also likely to fill up fairly quickly.

In a departure from their normally 'fantasy' based PBeM games, Ancient Realms has a more historical bent. Up to 100 players chose to play any of 12 races including Romans, Scythians, Scands, Celtiberians to name just a few.

In this turn-based game, mass warfare and bloodshed are the order of the day. HTML 'Turnsheets' are sent out once a week detailing your progress towards world domination. Grahical Turnsheets include an easy to navigate point and click interface complete with built in order writer and syntax checker.

Full details of this excellent game, along with free rulebooks, downloads, FAQ's and lively message boards can be found at:


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