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Utterly Annoying
Type Article
Game Space Conquest
Submitted by Philix
Created 2004-01-13 21:41:48
Every Time i get beaten down i say to myself why oh why do i keep playing and my answer is.. in hopes that i can contribute to the wonderful community that has developed. Before the chat was implemented No one would communicate but now alliances are being forged and i think the game is much more fun this will be my third round and i am going to try and decode Peter's battle system.Now to the Utterly annoying part. Don't you hate it when you get attacked? And then you lose almost everything.Well get on the forums and make suggestions . I have heard several good ones such as : Put a limit on the number of times one can be attacked every six hours and make it relative to their score say someone with 5k score it could be 5 times! and 40k score it can be 40 times. That way newbies can get a leg up when they have a low score and i can go away from the computer knowing that ill only be attacked 20 times! And make something that CANNOT be destroyed. by attacking that way getting better as the round progresses is easier as everyone gets better and better! So anyway my point is the game is becoming a bit stale we need something to shake it up!!! and we need more people to look at the game site!!! Peter Make a 4th banner in Sc that inly advertises your own games like AF SfP VOW GW and Ultimate Games!

ken_9876 2006-07-18 01:59:05
alright i signed up for plit games and wen i click space conquest it brings me to a site which linked me to this site which is a cycle of linking to eachothers site wtf how d oi play the game?
Wolverine 2004-01-14 02:29:11
Next round will handle alot of the issues you mention. In generel in next round the avarage empire size should grow and this should lead to a much more interesting round.


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