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Planetia Round 11
Type News
Game Planetia
Submitted by Prince
Created 2005-04-02 04:06:08
Round 11 as announced will be a community round.

Below are the setup details

There will be private galaxies this round

Private galaxies will have 8 planets in.

Random galaxies will be setup like previous rounds where by all random signups will be pooled into the 1:4 galaxy until half way through protection. At that point they will be split into galaxies of 12.

Clusters will contain 15 galaxies.

Signups will be opened at 20:00 GMT on Friday 1st April and ticks will start approx a week after ( vote on poll here ). At this point ticks will be 30minutes however i will confirm that in the coming days.

Finally the admin setup will be as follows,

I will not be admining this round, I will however still have the overviewing eye of all that is going on within the admin team. The admins team that have no other engagements will still be on board and i'd like to welcome Cochese and Linkie onto the Admin team for this round.



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