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Round End 27th May and New Round
Type News
Game Planetia
Submitted by Prince
Created 2005-05-15 06:41:48
Having seen some active battling over the last few evenings it appears there is still a fight to be won to this round. We have decided to close off the round on Friday May 27th at 20:00 Server Time. We will then go into Havoc mode for 1 week until Friday 3rd June.

The servers will then go offline for 1 week. Following that we will open up signups for a new round using same code and stats as this one, Signups will open on Friday 10th June @ 20:00 Server Time and will be open for 10 days before tick start which is set for 20:00 Server Time on the 20th June(Monday).

The Galaxy setup for next round will be as follows, Galaxies of 15 planets, 9 of which will be Private signups and after the shuffle Random planets will be merged into these galaxies spread evenly across the universe to a max of 6 randoms per galaxy. Any Excess Randoms will be placed in all random galaxies of 15 planets. There will be 10 galaxies per cluster.

Self Exile will make a appearence next round after protection has ended.

To summarise:

27th May 20:00 = Round 11 end
3rd June 20:00 = Round 11 Havoc End
10th June 20:00 = Signup open for Round 12
20th June 20:00 = Round12 Tick Start

15 Planet galaxies made up of 9 private and UpTo 6 random
10 Galaxy clusters

Finally i'd like to thank all the people who have made this round happen and who have played it. And also wish everyone who like me is sitting exams over the coming month the best of luck in their studies.

On behalf of,
Planetia Admin Team.

I forgot to mention that the tick speed for Round12 will be on a 1 hour cycle rather than the 30minute one of this round.


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