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An average game with an amazing potential
Type Article
Game FaitH
Submitted by Emperor X
Created 2005-05-20 21:46:50
I have post here the same comments of another sites.

Faith could be a fantastic game and it could cause a revolution in web-based but there are still many problems like:

1- The lack of paying players. There are only 85 players in RPG server and it´s almost unbeliavable but threre are people who like to compete against only two or three powerful kingdoms every Era.
2- Unbalanced Religions/Churches. There are religions that rule the game every Era and there are units that people never use, like Angels and Valkyries from Celeste´s church or Vampiric Priests fom Eternity´s church.
3- The game creators/administrators don´t discuss/announce/share their future plans and other things anymore and they are not active as they were some eras ago. There is no plan, as far as I know, for adding the last religion, Omega, or the new class, The Priest.
4- There is no RPG component in the RPG server anymore.
5- The only way to win the Era is by hitting weaker targets (most of the time)for chaos points in a one-two weeks time called Chaos when kingdoms rack up points by winning wars, doing some rogue operations and casting spells.
6- As a teamwork game it is totally dependent of other kingdom mates. I agree that the team interaction is one of the best points of the game but as someone else has just written, your kingdom mates can make the game awesome... or suck the fun out of it.

By the way, I have been playing Faith since beta test and I have played all classes and almost every religion.

justen 2005-05-21 04:32:47
"Amazing potential". That's is the only positive thing the anonymous "Emperor X" had to say. Yet he claims to have been playing for over two years. I wonder why he stuck around for so long?

I also wonder how he thinks such biased reviews is going to help increase the number of paying players he laments so grieviously?

Don't be fooled by the sinister motives of one who can't even summon up the courage to post under his usual character name. FaitH is a great game - one you simply have to try out.

Emperor Justen

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