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Your Invitation to Watch a Grand Story
Type News
Game New Worlds Project
Submitted by aomtealfox
Created 2005-05-25 21:12:42
"Good evening UNSS Trafalgar, I am Ensign Tafal of Starport Nuribis and I will be your flight manager for this shift. Your request for docking priviledges has been granted. Your docking port is Dock # E25. Stand by, I am transmitting flight instructions. Welcome to Starport Nuribis."

"That's an affirmative, Nuribis Ops, this is UNSS Trafalgar beginning docking procedures."


Starport Nuribis
hundreds of thousands of civilians live there
they come from many cultures, from all over the galaxy.

Thousands of starships dock here every single day
some come here seeking to make a profit
whilst others come here in order to make repairs
Even high-level diplomacy happens here.

No Starport is quite like it,
No Starport more influential


"We're going to mount the biggest military operation ever. Our aim: regain access to the Starport at all costs."


200 warships and 4000 fighter-interceptors and fighter-bombers. All standing by in an epic siege


"Nothing, and I mean nothing is to go in or out of that Starport. You hear me? Nothing!"

Join us for Nuribis' greatest challenge yet.
Will civilians survive the war's dramatic entry?

--- --- ---

Join us for New Worlds' Season II finale.
Starting June 2005.

--- --- ---

New Worlds Project:
Visit us at

New Worlds is a proud member of the DragonMuseNetwork:


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