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151 CyberRepublik 36 715
We invite you to join us in the new web browser social strategy game. Join now and explore the new CyberWorld! Your posibilities are almost unlimited! Be a war hardened hero, successful bussinessman,
152 World Fantasy Rugby 35 725
Fantasy Rugby - Play the Original online fantasy rugby game , since 1996 WFR has been the Ultimate Fantasy Rugby Manager. - World Fantasy Rugby - WFR All Stars - -
153 Neriteria 35 701
154 Senior League Hockey 35 882
SeniorLeague is the world's most popular online hockey management game. Sign up now - it's FREE! - and play against thousands of other managers worldwide. Take a team of lazy no-hopers and manage them
155 World Of 35 782
World Of Mayhem is another game in Majesty's closet. Newly Created and named, and fully playable. Join now, to find out all the new features that will be unleashed for version 1.0!!!
156 Jacob 35 797
157 RPG Browser 35 1375
158 zauraidi 35 879
159 Caribic Islands 35 752
Caribic Islands is a browser-based online-game, that lets you be master of your own island. Erect buildings, train soldiers and don't forget to spend some time on research, in order to prevail within
160 rogue 35 581
161 Journey's Quest 35 552
162 Orion's Belt 35 805
Orion's Belt is a free tactical MMO where all battles are placed on a board game similar to chess.
163 wauies 35 753
It’s time to cuddle on the browser game universe! Cute little puppies, the wauies are waiting on, for their new owners to adopt, raise and train them. A difficult choice, for who would
164 Top Mobster 35 773
Top Mobster is a FREE turn-based mafia web based massive multiplayer online game
165 Geoffvilla 34 670
ITS ONLY A GAME IOAG Free ESMS plus soccer simulation. One league of 16 managers playing a full season and allowing you to build your team from obscurity to fame and fortune! One place left a
166 MOTD - Master of the Dugout 34 739
Master of the Dugout (MOTD) is an excellent Soccer Management game, with realistic match play, and a friendly online community. It has a free-to-download (average <1 minute) full-colour graphical user
167 Renegade 34 687
Caught in the midst of war and betrayed by your comrades, you can trust no-one. Struggling to stay alive, the only way out is to fight! You start of with little more than your wits and some pocket cha
168 Collect And Kill 34 727
Collect & Kill is a new MMORPG text based game. You need to collect resources from researching specific abilities, and use the resources to build up an empire. While all the time upgrading your buildi
169 Army Commander 34 755
Army Commander is strategic web game that includes: New technologies, The U.N. ,War Room, Spies and Satellites operations, Alliances, Relations, World weapons market and more...
170 Battlecorp 34 827
Turn by turn wargame massively multiplayer, management game in a persistent universe. Features that make Battle Corp unique : - massively multiplayer - No download or installation needed -
171 SmallBall 34 735
Welcome to SmallBall Sports! Here you will manage and train your own unique sports team to compete in worldwide tournaments and leagues. At this time, we offer two sports: Baseball and Soccer
172 Tribal Town 34 647
Tribal Town is a new exciting text based RPG game, When you first start You are just a poor tribes man in need of some training. By the time you have battled the trainer and trained in the jungle gym
173 Path to Pelantas 34 781
Experience the ultimate glory in a fantasy world of heroes, monsters, battles and quests. “Path to Pelantas” is an online role playing game, and it is completely free of charge. The only thing you nee
174 VogelX aka The Mafia Banker 34 713
Modern Day Mafia - hire employees, collect cash, buy shares, protect the family and silently kill off your competition. Free to play, no downloads, great community!
175 All Childrens Mafia 34 703
Come Join the newest Mafia Based MMORPG on the net. Loaded with all the features you could ever want!!
176 Journey's Quest 34 607
177 Old MU check this!!! 34 603
--------------------------- INFO --------------------------- Server Name: OldMu Wersion: 97D + 99 Max Players Online: 100 Hours: 24/7 Dedicated: No From: Poland IP: launcher Port: launch
178 All Out War: A New Beginning 33 756
All Out War: A New Beginning is an AWESOME, FUN, FREE, browser-based game. You start out with a little cash and some workers and in time, you can create a military force to be reckoned with. You will
179 Colony Wars 33 877
You must Colonize your bare planet, and set your Colony to harvesting it's two valuable resources: Energy and Metal. As you build up your income you must research new technologies and build new constr
180 All Out War: Classic Battles 33 703
All Out War: Classic Battles is a FUN, FREE, browser-based game. You start out with a little cash and some workers and in time, you can create a military force to be reckoned with. You will recruit
181 Digi Pet Battle 33 754
Travel the land, fight monsters, and capture pets to fight in the arena!
182 TheClubBattle 33 669
Massive online multiplayer text based game,Owned by UK Coding Solutions the game provides players the chance to win massive cash prizes starting at $500 each round and rising every 48 hours. Join up n
183 Online RPG; Avalon The Legend Lives 33 717
Avalon is the first of its kind. Much imitated, never beaten. It is not a game. It is a life, of dragons, sorcerers, shopkeepers, great cities, wars, princes and gods. Yet only a few rise to become go
184 Epic Quest I 33 522
185 MMORPG Index 33 581
186 Ultima Dark Ages 32 848
Your a warrior that travels through the lands and trying to be the best figher in this world.
187 Darts - Cricket 32 850
One of the most popular darts game. In order to win this game you should close numbers from 20 to 15 and bull's eye first and score more points than the opponent.
188 UnDeAd World 32 825
VaMpires, ZoMbies, and DeMons oh my!
189 World Melee 32 717
Welcome to! We are a free stratagy game based on robots, clans, battles, fighting, comanding and lots more! We are currently listd in, and hope to become one of the mo
190 Angels Of Darkness 32 898
New rpg game try it out now !!!
191 BordelloBattles 32 841
Bordello Battles is a turned based multi-player game that you play using your browser. You are given an empty house, $2000 and set out into the world to create the most profitable whore house you can!
192 Utopia 32 740
Utopia is a medieval fantasy game, you create a province and work with 24 other players. Your kingdom (all 25 provinces) then can declare war on other kingdoms. You can choose from 8 races and persona
193 Net Pet 32 747
194 Gothdragon 32 558
GothDragon is a goth themde Rpg game with over 630 registered members. Owned by Diego, this site has rocketed in players over the last few months! Come and join!!
195 You're the Player 32 721
A rare game where you you don't manage a football team! Instead you are a soccer player in an imaginary team. This is run on the managers Football Manager 07 game and to improve yourself as a player a
196 the kingdomofloathing 31 1003
It is based on power and fighting the currency is meat. Remember: The Adventure is You This is not a very good describion of the game it is much better than this. It is very addicti
197 Bleah I 31 745
a new game still under construction if you wanna see a sneek plz look at soon you can visit this game on
198 Lengend of the Green Dragon 31 762
LoGD is a turn based game where you fight monsters to gain levels. Every 15 levels you can fight the Greed Dragon. If you kill the Green Dragon you will become more powerful. The vetern users are ve
199 Mafia Sim 31 875
Mafia Sim is an online multiplayer Mafia simulation. It's set in New York City during prohibition era. You can hire up to 18 different units for different purposes, set up business and cartels, carry
200 Blood Arena 31 898
In Blood Arena you control a guild in a fantasy-based game. As guild master you train up warriors, equip them with armour and weapons and send them to fight in the Blood Arena. Defeat your foes and ea
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